About Me

Flash Fifteen is a site for my speculative poetry and flash-fiction. Updates are posted on the weekends, unless I fall into a black hole, which happens from time-to-time.

I use Flash Fifteen as a  scrap book for my creative ideas. The poems and stories come from my dreams and observations. Sometimes they are just passing thoughts. The work tends to fall into three categories: about New York City, reflections on life, and short fiction on the weird and otherworldly.

Flashfifteen.com’s Facebook page is also going strong. Like it at http://www.facebook.com/flashfifteen

Read more about me and my work at:  http://sarajagielski.com

My sister is an occasional contributor as well. You can read about her here: http://www.anneseveska.com.

Libby contributes though poodle-human-mind-meld. She does not have a web site.

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