The Witch

Last night I had a vision
which caused me to awaken
from a long sleep
Where I was under a spell,
my mind in a fog.
Until then, I hardly remember how I got here,
in this little apartment with a job
and my yoga studio next door,
or where these poodles came from,
who sit warmly upon my lap,
or why I am writing a recipe for a lemon tart,
I don’t remember what happened –
It’s as if it wasn’t me.
But where had I been?
Then I recall my vision.
I’d been held captive on a train car,
wearing a beard,
in a man’s body,
with a witch who
threatened to free me.
I had surrounded myself with
severed heads of dead friends
who were my talismans,
meant to protect me from
the witch and her intentions.
She was after all, so hideous.
I mocked her, but she only sneered.
Then, quick as light, she stabbed me
with a long knife,
just to show that the skulls
didn’t work.
They weren’t alive,
but I was.
So I awoke.

Before Wonderland

She’s like Alice before Wonderland
in a train car
just after she eats the cake
and we watch her grow
until she is too big to fit
through the door.

She’s Carroll’s prose
I am convinced
blonde hair
wearing in a flower dress
cut to fit her girlish figure and
a denim shirt tied around her waist.

Her head brushes the ceiling
of the swaying car
as she works her way
towards the back
where she hunches and leans
against the window.

The train hurtles through the tunnel
clicking and clacking
and I think
there is a Wonderland after all
but we’re a hare too big
to fit through the door.