The Witch

Last night I had a vision
which caused me to awaken
from a long sleep
Where I was under a spell,
my mind in a fog.
Until then, I hardly remember how I got here,
in this little apartment with a job
and my yoga studio next door,
or where these poodles came from,
who sit warmly upon my lap,
or why I am writing a recipe for a lemon tart,
I don’t remember what happened –
It’s as if it wasn’t me.
But where had I been?
Then I recall my vision.
I’d been held captive on a train car,
wearing a beard,
in a man’s body,
with a witch who
threatened to free me.
I had surrounded myself with
severed heads of dead friends
who were my talismans,
meant to protect me from
the witch and her intentions.
She was after all, so hideous.
I mocked her, but she only sneered.
Then, quick as light, she stabbed me
with a long knife,
just to show that the skulls
didn’t work.
They weren’t alive,
but I was.
So I awoke.